Generic QAN Data

In addition to this website, all the data supplied above, plus functionality to search QAN data, is afforded by Web Services, which are available for consumption. For information on how to consume these Web Services, please download and read the following document.

Zipped Files: Clicking this button will enable you to save or download all the latest xml, xsd, and csv QWS data files
Type of Data Data in XML Format* Data in CSV Format* XSD file describing structure of the XML**
Current QANs QAN_Main_V1.2.xsd
Expired QANs QAN_Main_V1.2.xsd
Discount Codes QAN_DiscCode_V1.1.xsd
Awarding Bodies QAN_AB_V1.1.xsd
Qualification Types QAN_QualType_V1.0.xsd
MAP Codes QAN_Map_V1.0.xsd
Sector Subject Tier 1 QAN_SSFT1_V1.1.xsd
Sector Subject Tier 2 QAN_SSFT2_V1.1.xsd
Qualification Type Pts QAN_QualTypePoints_V1.2.xsd

Things you can do:

  • To download QAN data in Xml or CSV format, simply click on the appropriate .xml or .csv file button. You will then be prompted to open or save the file to your local computer.
  • To view the files that describe the Xml structure, of each set of data, simply click the appropriate .xsd file.
  • To save the files that describe the Xml structure of each set of data, simply right click the appropriate .xsd or .pdf file and choose 'Save target as'.
  • * When saving a file, some browser versions insert a number enclosed in square brackets, eg "[1]" into the suggested filename.
    Please ensure that these extra characters are removed from the filename.
  • **Some browsers may add a file extension of ".xml" in place of, or in addition to, the ".xsd" file extension
    Please ensure that the file name corresponds to the name displayed on this page before saving.

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